10 things it’s okay to feel after Graduation


I’ve been there, and you’re not alone. Graduation can be a scary transitional phase. Here are 10 things it’s okay to feel after graduation.

It’s okay to get a degree and never work a day in that field.

I know a ton of people who have gotten a degree in one things and ended up working a job for something completely different. Look at me, I have a degree in Biology and what am I doing? I’m making Youtube videos. Your degree might have defined you in college, but your degree DOES NOT define who you are post-college. You are not limited in your future because you got a certain degree.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed

It’s a big life change, graduating college.  Somewhere between being handed a degree and waking up the next morning the world views you differently. You are a full fledged adult, and your old excuses don’t seem to work anymore. You have different responsibilities and commitments and no one seemed to have sent you a memo on how to go about this new phase in life.

It’s okay to feel disappointed in your post college life

Maybe you had big dreams, maybe you have gone to what feels like 101 interviews for jobs you will LOVE or like or…after awhile, tolerate, and they have lead to nothing. You’re stuck working your old college retail job still and it feels like you’ve failed. You imagined that you would be a lot further than you already are.

It’s okay to feel “dorm sick”

You go from living next to your best friends to maybe living on different sides of the continent, or state, or maybe you and your friend are too busy to meet up. It’s natural to miss dorm life, including all the smelly parts of dorm life. (Why does someone always have to burn popcorn EVERY NIGHT)????

It’s okay to miss your old college friends

They got you through boring classes, late night studying, and outrageous parties. You made memories with these people that you will never forget.

It’s okay NOT to miss your old college friends

As odd as it sounds, it’s okay not to miss your old friend too. You might have had an amazing few years together but you know in your heart they are on a different path from you. It’s okay to graduate and never talk to them again. It doesn’t make you a horrible person.

It’s okay to cry

Maybe out of fear, anxiety, frustration or general sadness that your old life is over. It’s okay. It’s far better to cry than to hold it in.

It’s 100% okay to rediscover yourself after college.

Reinvent yourself! Have you always wanted to paint? Take Yoga? Try Crossfit? Or something else but was always too self conscious to? Now is the time to try them all! You don’t have to be the same person you were in college- the only person who is holding you back is yourself.

It’s okay to be selfish but not completely selfish…

It’s okay to discover new things, but it’s not okay to make other carry you on your search for self discovery. Don’t drag others down in order to build yourself up.

It’s okay to take a job you LOVE

Even if that job doesn’t pay well, or has weird hours, or doesn’t have benefits. If the job makes you feel complete then stick with that job. A real life dream job doesn’t come around very often and for some people it doesn’t come around at all. Hold onto that job. Figure out a way to make the rest work.

It’s okay to take a job you hate.

I know, I know. It might sound weird but hey, when you get offered a job that has great benefits, pays well and the hours are acceptable  then stick with that job. At least for a little while. Maybe that job can lead to better opportunities, or help build your resume. I don’t want to tell you to be miserable- but I don’t want to tell you to quit without a backup plan, or without a plan at all.


No matter how you are feeling, please don’t feel powerless and alone. You can do it. You can achieve your dreams and goals, maybe not today- but someday.  Were in this together, you’re not lost or alone.

Check out my video for more reasons why it’s okay to feel these things: https://youtu.be/3v8jAuEaK2E


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