Hey Friends!

I’m Poppy! I am native to Kansas City, Missouri but am currently living in a small town in Nebraska.  I’m 23 years old and have a passion for reading and writing. When I was little I dreamed of one day being a writer, I would write little stories in my room for days on end until I came up with the perfect short story. Which mostly consisted of the adventures of my brother and I.

I got my undergrad in Biology and use my degree as a place holder on the floor of my closet. I had big dreams of researching in the field but nothing has yet come to pass in that area in my life. So I thought if I can’t make my adult dream come true of researching, I would try my hardest to make my childhood dream come true of becoming a writer.

I make youtube videos too! If you’re interested check them out too! [Youtube]

I also have a Facebook page you can check out: [Facebook]

And a Pinterest too where I get a lot of my ideas: [Pinterest]

I hope to continually improve my writing and video making skills throughout the course of this blog.


Hope you enjoy the content!


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